"The sweetest traditions are the ones that live on forever"

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

One of the best things you can experience is gathering with family and sharing traditions.

Baked with Love is a Rosca De Reyes
Rosca De Reyes 2020

What is "Rosca De Reyes"?


Rosca De Reyes is a delicious, traditional sweet bread in the shape of an oval, and sometimes a square. It is decorated with dried fruit and strips of sugar paste.

Even though it is customed to be eaten on the 6th of January, it is the best treat to start the new year!

Personal Expierence and Sweet Memories


Some of my favourite memories are eating Rosca with my family and hoping not to be the first person to find "El niño".

We (in a safe manner) hide a little plastic doll in the bread called "El niño", it is supposed to represent baby Jesus. If you were the first person to find the little figurine, then you would have to buy everyone else food!



The christian tradition of eating Rosca first started in France and it made its way to Portugal, Spain and Mexico. According to:

The rosca itself is supposed to represent the crowns that the three wise men are wearing at the birth of baby Jesus.

It is truly delicious. If you have never tried it, I highly recommend it!

Cheers to sharing new traditions.

Happy Holidays And Happy New Year!

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